We are a children’s clothing company that make beautiful clothes for parties and special occasions, in unique and vibrant prints and fabrics. To complete the outfit we also make matching accessories such as headbands for the girls and bow ties for the boys. We pride ourselves on our bold choice of fabrics and combinations. Our clothes are bright, colourful,  fun and playful just like the children we design for. The Aisu kid is fashionable, bold and loves dressing up. He is the little gentleman and she is the adorable princess.

You will not find our clothes on the high street, because they are one of a kind, unique because the fabric is exclusive, the clothes are not mass produced the cuts and style are timeless.  There is absolutely no chance of someone turning up to the party with your outfit. Our garments represent the fusion of Africa and Europe while preserving the innocence of children. Our mission is to offer parents a unique and modern cultural attire for their special little ones.